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June 24, 2007

Serenity Books

Small Serenity Books
The Serenity Book has 132 blank pages inside for you to write you dreams, wishes or desires.
This picture shows the detail of the binding on the books.
They are $12.00 each and can be made in custom colors.

Best Friends

Best Friends
I spent the afternoon yesterday with my best friend Leslie. We have been friends since first grade. Leslie and I have been through a lot together. True friends are hard to come by and I have been lucky enough to find one when I was 6 years old. Leslie has a wonderful spirit and she is very talented. She took these amazing pictures of my books. Leslie has a blog you NEED to check out-her link is at the bottom of the page.
Piano Hinge
The piano hinge book is made by weaving skewers into the pages of the book to create the binding. There are 40 pages inside.
You can have one custom made-just let me know the colors you want.

Open view.

Do You......

Do You.....
Do you have grace-Do you dream-Do you inspire
Do you have honor-Do you wish-Do you have courage
Do you see beauty
$8.00 each
These books have my original "elaborate" stick figures.


Black Book
You can use this "little black book" to record all your secrets.
Green Asain Journal
Full of blank pages you can-write your
own fortunes inside.

Serenity Books

Large Serenity Book
This is a large Serenity Book.
It has 132 pages for you to fill.

This view shows the detail of the binding.

If you would like one made in your favorite colors-just let me know.

$17 each

June 21, 2007

Some of my other artwork

Groovy Girl
This is my groovy girl. I made her from
wire, fibers and wood. I attached her to a
background and put her into a frame. She was
a gift to a friend.
It has one of my favorite people in it-
she is made of limbs and branches and lives
in the woods-a woodland creature.
The trees are all drawn together to represent
the four seasons.

Click on the picture to enlarge for details

I need to get to work on some "new" art. I try to do something everyday to feed my soul-my passion for art. As long as I am creating- I am happy and at peace. I hope you check back for something new!!!

A Couple Of My Favorite Books

This tree book is one of my favorites.
I drew 4 different trees and embellished them with
beads and paper leaves to represent the 4 seasons.
Copper Tree
This Copper tree book is another favorite.
It is a star book. I embossed the tree into the

Both Sold

June 19, 2007

Paper Mermaid

Paper Mermaid
I created this mermaid out of paper
and fibers.
I hope to see a real mermaid someday!!

Click on the picture to enlarge and to see details

"Oh My Goth"

"Oh My Goth"
Available in keychains - $3.50 each
Blank note cards - $2.00 each
Backpack cinchpacks (Available in goth boy & girl only) $20.00 each

Mad Boy
Triangle Girl

Goth boy
Goth Girl
Noodle X

Noodle Lightning
Goth Princess coming soon!!!
"Oh My Goth" characters are copyrighted

Handbound Books and Journals

Here are a few pictures of some of my books. I will post more pictures soon!!
Copper Journal
Handbound with blank pages inside.

The Book of Love

Handbound Star book. This book has 7 pages of love.

When the Star book is looks like a STAR!!


Leaf Man Journal

Leaf Man is an original drawing. He guards the secrets in the journal.