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June 24, 2007

Best Friends

Best Friends
I spent the afternoon yesterday with my best friend Leslie. We have been friends since first grade. Leslie and I have been through a lot together. True friends are hard to come by and I have been lucky enough to find one when I was 6 years old. Leslie has a wonderful spirit and she is very talented. She took these amazing pictures of my books. Leslie has a blog you NEED to check out-her link is at the bottom of the page.
Piano Hinge
The piano hinge book is made by weaving skewers into the pages of the book to create the binding. There are 40 pages inside.
You can have one custom made-just let me know the colors you want.

Open view.


Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Thanks Steph..even though you kicked out my teeth out going up the sliding elementary (stew)..I still love ya!

Thought I'd better elaborate a little more...didn't sound good before! :)