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January 23, 2012

Jesse-School Doodles

How cool is this?  I love this drawing by Jesse.  He did this in school...not in art class.  Just filling in class.  He says his work was done and I believe him, I really do.  This is my favorite by far.
The Party..Featuring Frank
See..Jesse came home with this and asked me to find Frank in the party.  He had him drawn on a different part of the paper, then I had to find him in the party.  I did, but the scene was awesome.  I absolutely love this drawing.  From the guy with the undies on his head, the rockers, the dude diving into the bucket, flying with a bird...amazing.

CALL for ENTRIES: Six | Art and Art

CALL for ENTRIES: Six Art and Art

January 1, 2012

I tried something new...

I made most of the Christmas presents I gave this year.  I made bracelets for my mom and sister-I never made a bracelet before.  I had some bamboo blanks that are pre-drilled for stringing, so I thought I would start there.  I thought of a couple of designs that I could draw, put them on the bamboo, and then stared at them for a while (well, for a couple of days) trying to figure out what to do next.  I had some beads.  So.  Nothing else.  I thought about a really cool idea with wire.  This idea worked perfect in my head.  After I got home from work and got settled down to work on it-not so much.  Then I settled on stretchy cord.  I made the bracelet for my mom.  Loved it.  Made the bracelet for my sister.  Looked at it.  Next day at work, I went to Michaels at lunch and bought different beads.  After work-tore it apart-made it again-loved it.
Now-I needed to take some pictures of them.  My camera died a while back.  Actually, while we were at the Wright-Pat Air Force Museum (BTW-Awesome Place!!).  I decided to put some batteries in it and I asked it to please work.  It did, but wouldn't focus, I took the pictures anyway.  Here are the results.  I also made a little ceramic box for my mom.

I have also been working on a new idea with letters and names.  Combining them together in different ways.  I did this one for my dad.

I have been thinking about selling these.  I will do initials or names.  It will be a mystery how they will turn out.  Even I won't know.