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August 11, 2012

My favorite 4-year old Artist

I had a visit today with my friend Leslie.  We have been friends since first grade.  I think that is so amazing and it doesn't seem that long ago in memory, but I hate to hear it in sounds so looong ago.  She has this box of "things" from our school years.  They are an assortment of items that she has kept over the years from different grades.  It is so cool.  She even had a valentine box with valentines-one from me.  I love that!  Her son, Carter, was going through the box and pulling out some of her artwork from junior and high school art class.  She is very talented (I have a link to her blog at the bottom of my page)  He started decorating their house with her paintings.  Which brings me to Carter...

Carter-my favorite 4-year old artist.  He has been drawing for several years now.  He drew a shark at 2 1/2 years old that looks like a shark.  He woke up from a dream, asked for some paper, and drew this shark that he had dreamt about.  He has 2 drawings in the "SIX" show. my visit, I was honored to have him draw my portrait.  He told me that I had to sit still, this is because I wasn't.  I was talking.  He also looked at me and quickly smiled-which meant-smile.  The result is quite astounding!  He is truly talented.  He gets it honestly-his mom is an artist and his dad is builder.  He is very smart too.  He is a problem-solver and a quick thinker.  I adore that child and his mom. 

Oh...and by the way..Happy Anniversary Leslie & Chris!! 

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Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

The joys of working with a young young artist.... I treasure my sketches from Jesse. Peace, Mary Helen