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June 21, 2009

This is summer to me....

I wish I could be a kid again everytime that summer comes around. Here are a few pictures that are the true memory of summer to me.

This is my favorite place~always will be~even though I haven't seen it since the 80's. "The Cabin" holds so many great memories for me. My cousin Angie and I spent hours and hours here and made the best memories. This is the meaning of summer to me. Someday~maybe Angie and I will take a trip to the cabin and see it once again.

This is at my grandparents house in Granville. The 3 muskateers and the neighbor's dog. That is Lisa on the left-she lived down the street and had a really mean little dog. I can remember her mom chasing it with a broom. That's me in the middle and Angie on the end. We were about 8 years old in this picture. That is Tippie the dog. He was the neighbor's dog, but we acted like he was ours.

Here we are in the tree in the backyard at grandpa and grandma's house. We had so much fun in the summers with our grandparents. There was a horse farm behind their house, we loved feeding them through the fence.

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