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February 16, 2015

Fly Free...

My favorite thing in spring and summer, besides the warm air, sun, trees, flowers, warm breeze, and sweet smell is the butterfly.  I am always fascinated by beauty of nature and the butterfly is no exception.
This is my latest journal.  With tattered pages and original artwork of leaf-winged butterflies. After accidentally sewing  the middle signature in upside down, I finally completed this journal, my favorite so far. 
I used Thai handmade double-sided paper for the cover and leather wrap to tie the journal closed.  I alternated the signatures inside with the "tattered" edge sections and plain paper sections.  The cover piece was originally a bronze color, I took a heavy grit sand paper to it to reveal the silver-tone underneath and added some black paint.  I tied another butterfly to the filigree just because.
Front Cover
First Page
Middle Section
Third Section


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