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August 31, 2015

"The Walk"

My latest art book, "The Walk".  When my son was in elementary school (7 years ago), he had a habit of drawing on his work papers instead of completing them.  I saw this skeleton on the back of one of his papers that he brought home.  I loved it. I copied it and used it in a couple of other art pieces.  Then I thought of the story of the skeleton going for a walk.  There aren't any words, the pictures tell the story. He starts out on a walk through the woods, only to have two birds pick him up and carry him away. They release him deep into the woods, only to return with 2 more birds... I think we all can relate in one way or another. What we set out to do sometimes is not what ends up happening.

I made the cover out of a double layer of imported handmade paper. Each signature is a layer of 2 pages that I wet down and let dry to create a crinkle texture. The next layer is a page of black cardstock. The final layer is the page with the drawing. The edges are tattered and I distressed the edges with scissors. All the signatures are sewn into place.